Higher performance from existing enterprise IT investments.

Do the most with less.

Enterprise computing demands are more diverse than ever – and more vital to overall business success. Every industry and market segment is struggling to adapt to the management costs and performance requirements of real-time transactions, mobile connectivity, cloud computing, SaaS, and virtual computing applications. What’s more, industry estimates show that large, multi-site corporations are spending nearly 30-percent of their total IT budgets on enterprise connections, security, equipment, and maintenance.

Optimization solutions from Circadence® help you overcome those challenges. Instead of cobbling together one-time solutions at the expense of your existing network configurations, you can easily launch and maintain software and hardware solutions that cover the entire network – making the most of your existing investments. From laptop and desktop PC clients, to security-hardened WAN optimization appliances, to centralized virtualization management, Circadence products require no major overhauls to existing infrastructure, no lengthy technical training sessions, and no complex configurations.

Make the most of your IT investments with Circadence solutions

– so secure they are certified and accredited by the Department of Defense.

The Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite is nearly “set once and forget.” More »