Innovative cybersecurity and network solutions

Cyber-attacks are increasingly becoming the primary threat against the United States according to intelligence sources. Government agencies routinely have complex and globally distributed enterprise networks that require fast, reliable, and secure channels to transmit mission critical data. To enable timely decision-making on critical topics, government customers must be able to utilize applications effectively and send data quickly and confidentially. We have tailored our solutions to be flexible and scalable to address the rapidly changing threat and intrusion patterns of the cyber community and the growing dependence on application performance, real-time access to data, and virtualization.

Circadence cyber solutions:

  • Cybersecurity training
  • Cyber range design and development
  • Data security
  • Network and systems integration and security
  • Design, development and installation of security solutions
  • Cyber tool development
  • Cyber testing and evaluation
  • Cyber range design and development

Circadence Network Solutions Increase Productivity

Circadence MVO WAN optimization solutions provide government users with the application and data transfer speed and reliability that is vital to ensure the highest level of productivity. Critical data from multiple sources is delivered where and when it’s needed, preventing delays and enabling faster, more informed decisions. Featuring the broadest WAN optimization platform portfolio, Circadence delivers full support for mobile devices and enterprise platforms, including Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Mobile. Circadence solutions can be utilized anytime, anywhere, and from any device, catering to the urgency of local, state, and national needs.

  • Alleviate connectivity issues: Circadence MVO enhances network connections to achieve the highest possible performance and reliability. Circadence MVO improves the performance of file sharing applications, communication tools, content delivery applications, and database connections. Providing quick and reliable data allows users to be as effective as possible – regardless of their connection.
  • Ensure performance and security: Circadence MVO optimizes opaque data, including encrypted traffic, as it traverses the link. Circadence MVO improves connection speeds and reliability without decrypting the data.
  • Provide continuity: Circadence Link Resilience™ maintains application session persistence during connection interruptions. When connectivity is re-established, the session picks up where it left off, ensuring uninterrupted downloads and application sessions.