Ensure that anytime, anywhere connectivity truly boosts your productivity.

Optimizing your mobile workforce starts with Circadence®.

Field agents, salespersons, and telecommuting workers bring unprecedented productivity and profits to corporations, making connection performance and security increasingly vital to business success. Because mobile computing often requires connections over unsecure or congested cellular or wireless networks, security and performance are essential in keeping mobile workers productive.

Circadence dramatically enhances mobile computing capabilities and supports most of the mobile devices on the market with easy-to-install enterprise optimization agents for laptops, PDAs, and smartphones. Using solutions from Circadence, you can reduce the expense of dropped data transfers and disconnected workers. You can also avoid typically slow cellular networks, which are frustrating for workers and their customers.

Announcing the first-ever WAN optimization client for Android-based devices. Experience how to significantly improve mobile content delivery. Try the Circadence Android client – for free for 15 days.

Implement a faster, smarter, and more secure approach to mobile computing.

Circadence mobility solutions offer agent software for popular mobile platforms, which install quickly and easily with very little required for the mobile user to configure. More »

The Circadence Android client can improve content delivery to Android-based mobile devices by a factor of 50, depending on data compression and other variables. Watch our tablet and smartphone tests and see the dramatic results. More »

The Circadence iOS WAN Optimization Client is now available for Apple products. MVO Mobile allows easy installation and automated configuration for iPads and iPhones, enabling optimized and secure connections to corporate WANs through both public and private networks.

The Circadence Link Resilience™ technology keeps applications alive and mobile workers connected during intermittent outages or severely congested networks. More »

Circadence MVR 1400 Route Analytics solutions monitor connections that affect mobile workers for faults and other potential IP-related problems, allowing administrators to act before valuable connections are lost or severely degraded. More »

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