WAN Optimization Solution for Mobile Deployments

September, 2012


Circadence recently announced the availability of Circadence MVO for Mobile to optimize electronic content delivery to iOS, Android, and Windows clients and provide enterprises with rapid, reliable, and secure data delivery to all mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads.

"Mobile device use has grown exponentially and with that the demand for real-time access to data and information formerly reserved for laptops and desktops," says Michael Moniz, CEO of Circadence. "Technologies, including those from Circadence, are guaranteeing secure and reliable data delivery to these devices, allowing government and commercial organizations to ease restrictions on personal device use in the workplace. As a result, optimization is no longer about better user experiences but reliable delivery of mission-critical data to mobile devices so that employees can more effectively do their jobs."

Circadence MVO for Mobile provides organizations with the following:

  • Mobile device support for Windows, Linux, Android, and Apple iOS: The solution includes an SDK for Android and Apple iOS devices so that companies and third-party independent software vendors can allow mobile applications to be Circadence enabled.
  • Ensured security and compliance with no manipulation of encryption: Security is maintained from end to end, independent of the application being delivered, which is a key feature for organizations complying with strict industry regulations.
  • Connection reliability and throughput improvement with session maintenance whether connections are "live" or not: This is essential for wireless device users who experience micro-outages or user-induced connection loss, as the solution will maintain these sessions.

For more information, visit www.circadence.com/markets/mobile-workforce.