Enhance WAN performance to achieve the highest possible reliability and productivity

Circadence MVO optimization solutions, including the award-winning Circadence MVO for Mobile, enable organizations to provide the best application performance, reliability, and user experience.

Proprietary WAN optimization protocol

Circadence MVO optimization solutions utilize our patented optimization protocol TMP, which provides the highest quality of service, performance, and security for network connections. Our proprietary algorithms dynamically measure and analyze network conditions in real time, ensuring optimal transmission of data in all network conditions. The Circadence protocol enables a hardware-independent approach, which tunnels through network congestion from point-to-point, requiring no special provisioning. Key highlights of Circadence’s protocol include:

  • Quick, accurate, and automatic determination of available network bandwidth
  • Creation of the most intelligent connection
  • An enhanced connection that mitigates congestion, latency, and fragmentation
  • Dynamic analysis of real-time data delivery patterns

Circadence MVO Appliance
The Circadence MVO Appliance installs at the enterprise edge to connect and manage remote network connections. The appliance centralizes management and control of remote Circadence MVO connections and supports load balancing and advanced network configurations.

Circadence Virtual MVO
Functionally and technologically equivalent to the hardware Circadence MVO Appliance, Circadence Virtual MVO supports installation in all the leading hypervisors including Oracle VM, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen, and others. Circadence Virtual MVO can be implemented as the head-end or remote, and supports load balancing and advanced networking features.

Circadence MVO for Mobile
Circadence MVO for Mobile is the only enterprise WAN optimization solution available for Android, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows Mobile solutions including phone and surface tablet. The solution connects with any Circadence MVO head-end including the Circadence MVO Appliance, Circadence Virtual MVO, and software-only implementations without requiring additional controllers or specialized hardware.

Circadence MVO Windows Suite
Circadence MVO for Windows operates as a background service in Microsoft Windows workstations, servers, and mobile devices with full support for 32- and 64-bit Windows Embedded, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012. The solution installs directly on a Windows server, including SharePoint, to optimize content, applications, and collaboration. Circadence MVO Windows endpoints can connect to any other Circadence MVO instance. Circadence MVO is the only WAN optimization product certified for installation on Windows 2012.

Circadence MVO Linux Suite
Circadence MVO for Linux operates as a daemon on workstations, servers, and other Linux-based platforms. Circadence MVO can be installed via RPM packages or YUM updating, or can be built to specification for specialized applications. Installations can connect to any other Circadence MVO platform.

Circadence MVO highlights

Supported platforms

  • Hardware appliance, virtual appliance, software application, cloud-hosted service, or fully integrated solution
  • Software support for Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Less than 7MB full client, less than 2MB mobile client

Circadence MVO SDK

  • Integration with third-party platforms and applications

Policy manager

  • Client configuration, update, logging, and administration
  • Optimization definitions
  • Weighted, customizable prioritizations

Optimization elements

  • Patented protocol for efficient transport
  • Automated binary compression engine
  • Built-in support for CIFS/SMB, HTTPs, SharePoint, (S)FTP, and UDP

Key platform features

  • Link Resilience™ to maintain application persistence
  • Configurable MTU and channel MTU
  • Optimization daisy chaining
  • IP redirection
  • Conditional auto optimization
  • IP transparency that maintains original source IP

Deployment features

  • Hub and server-side load balancing
  • Built-in fail to wire on hardware, fail to normal on software
  • Centralized license management
  • Multiple scalability models

Integration features

  • Fully compatible with AnyConnect, Pulse, and other leading VPN clients
  • Integrated on Panasonic Toughbook® Tablet
  • Support for most mobile platforms

Designed and developed for the mobile environment

  • First to market with Windows Android, Apple, and Windows Mobile optimization
  • Less than 2MB footprint on mobile devices; no local storage requirements
  • Low power, CPU, and memory impact
  • Carrier, provider, application, and platform independent

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Data sheets

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