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Circadence MVS 1300 Systems Management suite

Virtualization is definitely a technology game changer – significantly cutting the operating costs for enterprises and enabling greater performance from existing servers. But if the virtual environment is not properly managed, your savings can quickly turn into liabilities. Enterprises need to contain virtual sprawl and gain greater visibility into the entire virtual infrastructure to keep costs down. And as virtual environments grow, so do your potential security threats.

The Circadence MVS1300 Systems Management suite empowers virtualization by unifying every asset – with the industry’s first unified global host system and virtual machine management platform. Along with traditional systems management tools, Circadence MVS delivers all the features required to create, deploy, and manage virtual desktop environments. By giving administrators access to discovery, management, reporting, and alerting for all physical and virtual assets, the Circadence MVS suite enables a centralized management approach for achieving the full promise of virtualization.

Circadence MVS has two components:

  • Circadence MVS 1300 Host – Installed on each server with a minimal footprint, the server then becomes a part of the Circadence MVS network of resources.

  • Circadence MVS 1300 Manager – This web-based interface module allows administrators to deploy and manage an unlimited number of virtual and physical machines from anywhere in the enterprise.

Circadence MVS 1300 benefits:

Centralized management
With Circadence MVS, IT administrators can manage and provision physical and virtual resources across the enterprise from a single console. With advanced technologies like AMT remote control and native support for Active Directory, problems can be isolated and corrected from one location.

Security for the desktop
The unique mass storage lockout endpoint security features inherent to Circadence MVS enforce policy controls and automatically direct users to approved network storage, leveraging enterprise security, and limiting the amount of data on the network edge.

Energy savings
Desktop virtualization delivers up to 90-percent savings in power consumption alone. Circadence MVS is an integral component in effective greening strategies.

Application delivery
Circadence MVS provides user, device, and role-based mapping to applications through the connection broker, allowing the right user to connect to the best-available resources at the right time. Remote users can also check out virtualized applications and then synchronize upon return.

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