Customer Collateral

Discover how you can put the power of tomorrow's technologies to work for you today. Download data sheets, case studies, and solution briefs on Circadence® products and technology.

Data sheets

Circadence MVO™ Mobile WAN Optimization Suite – Solve critical bandwidth management, connectivity, and employee expectation concerns while ensuring efficient, secure delivery of electronic content. download now
Circadence solutions overview – Improve IT performance with Circadence's full line of products and technologies that helps reinvent the possibilities of WAN optimization, security, and business continuity. download now
Circadence MVO™ 6.0 – The latest upgrade lets you send and receive mission-critical data to mobile devices reliably, quickly and securely. download now
Circadence MVS™ 1300 Systems Management suite – Empower virtualization by unifying every asset through a centralized management approach. download now
Circadence MVR™ 1400 Route Analytics suite – Achieve automated monitoring, detection, root-cause analysis, alarming, and reporting on routing events that impact services. download now
Optimizing data protection for remote and branch offices – Implementing an effective solution for protecting critical data across the entire organization is important. download now
Circadence MVO™ WAN Optimization Suite for medical imaging – Significantly increase data transfer rates to enhance the speed, effectiveness, and revenue of medical imaging, EMR data, and more. download now
Windows Azure – Use multiple languages, tools, and frameworks to build, deploy, scale, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft datacenters. download now

Solution briefs

Cloud computing: The cloud is catching on – Discover how Circadence MVO and Circadence MVS help cloud service providers address network challenges. download now
Content delivery networks: Maintaining session persistence – Read how the Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite helps implement reliable session persistence during content delivery download now
Electronic medical records: Launching medical records into the digital age – See how the Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite helps organizations efficiently transition to the EMR environment. download now
Law enforcement: Streamlining police communications – Discover how the Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite can help save time to beat crime. download now
Medical Imaging & Diagnostics: Image is everything – Learn how the Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite optimizes medical imaging and diagnostics. download now
Microsoft SharePoint - Challenges for the WAN: Enable better idea sharing across the increasingly global marketplace by simplifying the process of collecting and sharing information. download now
Mobile workforce: The key to productivity is staying connected – Read how the Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite keeps mobile workers moving. download now
Windows Azure Performance Acceleration: Discover how to achieve exceptional performance, reliability, and security in accessing Windows Azure cloud services. download now
Amazon Web Services Acceleration: Ensure optimal performance and reliability for cloud applications with Circadence MVO optimization solutions. download now

Case studies

Circadence MVO 1200 produced a 6X performance gain in medical image processing time – Medical imaging provider realizes faster turnaround of medical images and greater file transfer reliability, regardless of network congestion or intermittent outages. download now
Circadence MVO 1200 produced a 3X performance gain in U.S. military and distance learning activities – A division of the U.S. armed services uses the Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite to dramatically enhance distance learning in remote overseas military bases. download now
Circadence MVO 1200 produced a 3X performance gain in medical imaging transfers – Remote radiologists rely on the Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite to deliver radiology results quickly, thereby improving patient care. download now
Circadence MVO improves performance by 500% for Mississippi police department Ridgeland Police Department counts on the Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite to boost productivity and safety of officers in the field. download now
Circadence optimizes SharePoint and CRM performance, enabling AMX to efficiently service customers worldwide – AMX accelerates performance, reduces costs, and boosts global workforce productivity after installing Circadence MVO. download now
BP global SharePoint users realize a 20x performance upgrade with Circadence MVO - The WAN optimization solution allowed BP to accelerate network performance, reduce costs and encourage the use of applications worldwide. download now