How to reach 24x7 support: 866-876-9967 OR support@circadence.com

General product questions

Q: How difficult is it to install Circadence® products?

A: In most cases, customers install Circadence products in just minutes. Circadence MVO 1200 and Circadence MVS 1300 software require simple client and server software installations with minimal disk or memory resource footprints. Customers install Circadence MVO 1200 and Circadence MVS 1300 appliances at the edge of their networks, with no impact on the existing network infrastructure and very little configuration needed.

Q: How do I manage Circadence products?

A: All Circadence products – Circadence MVO 1200, Circadence MVS 1300, and Circadence MVR 1400 – feature simple, yet powerful web-based consoles for the management of virtually all functions. No matter where you are on the network, simply log on and take control.

Q: Where do I buy Circadence products?

A: Please contact our sales office directly at 303-413-8800 or e-mail info@circadence.com.

Q: Are Circadence products on the GSA?

A: Yes. Circadence products are installed at many U.S. government and defense establishments. Contact our Washington, D.C. sales office at 703-842-7560 for more information.

Q: Where do I get support for my Circadence products?

A: Customers can contact our Technical Support team by e-mail at support@circadence.com, through the customer support portal, or by calling 866-876-9967.

Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite questions

Q: How do I deploy Circadence MVO 1200 on my network?

A: The Circadence MVO 1200 suite is available in a number of configurations and for many mobile and server operating systems, giving you great flexibility in deploying our WAN optimization technology. Here are the current Circadence MVO1200 software offerings:

  • Circadence MVO 1200 Enterprise Software client-server software
  • Virtual Circadence MVO 1200 for VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server, Xen, and others
  • Circadence MVO 1200 Mobile for mobile computers and smart phones
  • Circadence MVO 1200 SoHo preconfigured for small offices
  • Circadence MVO 1200 Windows Client for desktop and laptop connectivity
  • Circadence MVO 1200 Appliance for edge-to-edge optimization

The range of software and appliances available gives customers a range of options in deploying network optimization.

Q: How do I configure and manage all these Circadence MVO 1200 products?

A: All Circadence MVO 1200 products installed throughout a network can be managed and configured from a single web-based console.

Q: Circadence MVO 1200 is built to optimize WAN connections, but does it work over LANs as well?

A: Circadence MVO 1200 optimization improves performance from point to point, regardless of where the endpoints are on a network.

Circadence MVS 1300 System Management suite questions

Q: Can Circadence MVS 1300 manage a mixed virtualization environment? For example, Xen and VMware on the same network?

A: Circadence MVS 1300 is the only platform you need for managing multiple virtualization platforms throughout the enterprise. Agents install on the various virtualization machines and are accessed through the Circadence MVS 1300 web-based management console.

Q: Does Circadence MVS 1300 affect virtual server performance?

A: Circadence MVS 1300 management agents have small resource and memory requirements, and therefore have little to no effect on virtualization performance.

Circadence MVR 1400 Route Analytics suite questions

Q: Why should I use Circadence MVR 1400 rather than the built-in IP tools that came with our switches and routers?

A: First of all, Circadence MVR 1400 monitors and analyzes IP traffic regardless of vendor equipment or network topology. There is no need to install multiple monitors or SNMP forms. Secondly, Circadence MVR 1400 monitors IP traffic in real time, rather than by polling, and is much more likely to discover intermittent IP errors as they occur, rather than the hit-or-miss nature of IP SNMP polling.

Q: How long can I keep Circadence MVR 1400 network state histories?

A: The frequency and retention period are user-definable. Each environment is different, and administrators should set Circadence MVR 1400 accordingly, including archiving of past logs.