From the enterprise to small businesses, Circadence® customers have found that Circadence MVO optimization solutions save them time and money. Enterprises appreciate the flexibility and centralized management of Circadence MVO. Companies rolling out mobile applications do not have to disrupt their current network. Virtualization and software as a service (SaaS) customers enjoy greater reliability and performance on MVO-enabled systems. And every Circadence MVO installation is protected by U.S. Department of Defense certified security. Contact Circadence to find out how Circadence MVO can accelerate your computing.

“We have had Circadence MVO in place for over two years, and the investment has truly paid for itself several times over. Our radiology practice provides services to six hospitals in northeast Mississippi and central Tennessee, and some of these locations are bandwidth challenged. Circadence MVO has maximized throughput for all sites, greatly reducing transmission times for the hospitals’ medical imaging studies. This time savings directly translates to reduced turnaround time for our doctors and allows them to provide services in a more timely fashion than was previously available.

Circadence’s flexible deployment options are a big plus for us. We use their optimization equipment in some of our sites. However, many of our sites require us to put equipment in secure areas where we are not able to obtain easy access. So, Circadence’s added availability of software-only solutions becomes very appealing. We deploy this solution in many of our locations for this very reason.

From a purely financial aspect, Circadence MVO has kept us from having to purchase additional bandwidth, keeping our recurring costs at a level amount. This will continue to be advantageous for us as reimbursement from insurance carriers continues to be reduced, especially true with Federal programs. My doctors know these products are helping and expect the implementation of Circadence MVO as we move to adding new clinics or offices to our network.”
— Cavett Otis, IT Director, Imaging Associates of Northern Mississippi

For every transaction, Circadence clearly shows the most reduction in response time. These devices are stabilizing the network and keeping connections alive without timing out."
— Oracle Consulting

"The Circadence MVO appliance is capable of greatly improving the throughput and reliability of [our] systems and should be deployed."
— U.S. Marine Corps, Marine Logistics Group

"In the presence of network degradation, the Circadence MVO appliance significantly improved throughput."
— U.S. Army, Office of the CIO/G6

"The Circadence virtual MVO platform allows [us] to offer customers and partners the highest levels of network performance and reliability when deploying, managing, and migrating virtual machines and applications across the WAN."
— Deutsche Telekom

"Circadence MVO... is ideal as a continuity of operations solution because it deploys in seconds, establishes communication with both the primary and back-up servers, and provides seamless Quality of Service to critical users during an emergency, regardless of where they are physically located."
— Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense's, Sept. 11, 2001

"One of the most important observations about this system was that the Circadence MVO appliance was able to mitigate transient blockages... In general, the data collected from the mobile testing has demonstrated that the Circadence MVO accelerator is a critical part of the system and it will not operate effectively without it."
— U.S. government customer

"With dedicated bandwidth already allocated to special systems, we do not want to starve other critical applications. We also do not want any instability on these links, and by using Circadence MVO we can prevent both."
— U.S. government customer