Maximize the benefits of Microsoft SharePoint with help from Circadence®

Deploying SharePoint through a wide area network (WAN) comes with inherent complications created by high latency and bandwidth constraints, ultimately causing volatility, uncertainty, and transfer delays. Circadence MVO™ for SharePoint enhances your WAN so you can achieve the highest possible performance, reliability, and security – and realize the full benefits of your investment in SharePoint.

With Circadence MVO for SharePoint, you can:

  • Accelerate SharePoint applications up to 40 times faster and substantially reduce your bandwidth utilization
  • Pick up exactly where you left off after a micro-outage or user-induced connection loss
  • Receive detailed reports that provide the information you need to manage network traffic
  • Maintain security from end to end, regardless of the application being delivered

Enhance your WAN

See for yourself how you can maximize current IT investments without the need for costly hardware upgrades. Put Circadence MVO for SharePoint to the test with a free 45-day trial, or purchase today to get started right away.

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