Despite any challenge, business can and will go on.

Implement total operational continuity with remote telework solutions.

Beyond simply cutting costs and increasing productivity, telework programs also allow employees to continue working during a disruption to regular operations – whether that disruption is an unplanned outage or a major disaster. Making sure your employees have the ability to work remotely is critical to organizational success. Being certain of proven, reliable, and secure continuity is absolutely vital.

Circadence® offers scalable continuity of operations packages that enable businesses of any size to provide high-performance, secure, and assured remote access for authorized users. Built using our Circadence MVO 1200 WAN Optimization suite and Circadence MVS 1300 Systems Management suite, our solutions deliver a fully integrated platform for providing, managing, assuring and visualizing a complete environment supporting remote workforces.

Unique capabilities of Circadence business continuity solutions:

A "local" experience
Built-in network optimization tools, powered by the Circadence MVO engine, ensure that remote users have a "local" experience when connecting to the enterprise, and enable highly granular quality of service tools for administrators to ensure performance and reliability.

A unified view
Circadence technologies provide universal discovery of all your managed assets, whether they are virtual machines, hypervisors, thin clients, blades, servers, or users and groups in your Active Directory environment. Once discovered, all these assets are then managed through a single, easy-to-use console that support views, filters, and security rights delegation.

Full support
The Circadence MVS1300 Systems Management suite supports Linux and Windows XP Embedded thin clients, as well as Firefox or Internet Explorer browser-based clients. All major hypervisors, including VMware ESX, Xen, and Microsoft Hyper-V are supported.