Why Continuous Learning is Key to Strengthening Cyber Teams

There is a lot out there about the benefits of continuous learning—or continuous professional development—and what we’re gleaning from research is how POWERFUL the approach... Read More →


Ric Messier, Director, Cyber Academic Programs

When you fly, you are subjected to a lot of requirements when passing through a security checkpoint. You have to take off your belt and... Read More →

Why We Can’t Keep Ignoring Cyber Fatigue

The ever-present threat of cyber attacks is taking its toll on info sec newcomers and veterans alike who are struggling to keep pace and can... Read More →

Circadence ranks in top 10 cybersecurity training firms by Black Book Market Research

Black Book Market Research, the parent group for Black Book Rankings, recently ranked Circadence® among the top 10 cybersecurity training firms for 2018. Circadence’s premier... Read More →

You’re Not Alone: Common Cybersecurity Challenges

We’re taking a 30,000-foot view of cybersecurity to understand the state of the industry from an enterprise perspective and share some common challenges faced by... Read More →

Lessons Learned: Cybercrime Incidences in the Financial Services Industry We Can Learn From

The financial services industry was the hardest hit with cybercrime in 2013 according to Deloitte. And it continues to rank in the top five most vulnerable industries. In 2017, 69... Read More →


Ric Messier, Director, Cyber Academic Programs

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘information security’ or even the term ‘cybersecurity’? If you think about how it all works,... Read More →

Help Wanted: Combating the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Recent news headlines are clear on one thing: there is a massive shortage of cybersecurity experts in the industry. Cyberattacks are permeating every commercial and... Read More →

The Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness and Education (or, how to easily attack your friends and enemies)

Ric Messier, Director, Cyber Academic Programs

While it hasn’t received as much conventional press as, say, the Equifax data breach, there was recently a significant event that took place on the... Read More →

SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge Finals Wrap Up 6-Month Long Cyber Program

Brad Wolfenden, Director of Cyber Academic Partnerships

This past month, the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge wrapped up a six-month long program and competition intended to educate and prepare the nation’s next generation... Read More →

So, You’re An InfoSec N00b

Ric Messier, Director, Cyber Academic Programs

You may be an InfoSec n00b but not all is lost. You are far from alone. Now more than ever, security is everyone’s problem but... Read More →

Circadence Teams up with MD5 to Support T9Hacks Event at CU Boulder

Brad Wolfenden

T9Hacks Feb 10th-11th Major League Hacking opens its 2018 Season at the University of Colorado Boulder with T9Hacks, February 10-11, 2018. Welcome to 24 hours... Read More →

Understanding Malware Analysis

Ric Messier, Director, Cyber Academic Programs

The malware industry has come a long way and currently, it’s a very lucrative business. This is one of many reasons that makes studying malware... Read More →

Four Reasons Your Security Team Should Be Training on a Cyber Range

It seems that every other week another mega-breach is making headlines. Cyber teams barely have time to bolster their cyber defenses before a new attack... Read More →

Circadence® Project Ares® is Training the Next Generation of Cyber Experts in the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge

Teaching a new generation to become experienced cyber professionals, trained to deal with the latest cyber threats, is critical to ensure the safety of information.... Read More →

Cyber Practitioners & Students Accept the 2017 Cybersecurity Gaming Challenge at UNCC

Each year, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte hosts the Cybersecurity Symposium, bringing world class speakers together to discuss top security challenges, cutting edge... Read More →

Circadence Awarded for Cybersecurity Training and Education, Security Software Innovation

Circadence® was recently named the Gold Winner for Training and Education and the Bronze Winner for Security Software Innovation in the 2017 Golden Bridge Awards.... Read More →

New Draft of NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework Expands on Skills, but Team Approach & Simplicity Are Needed

By Laura Lee, Executive Vice President of Cyber Training & Assessments

A new draft of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF) (NIST Special Publication 800-181) was just released and among the... Read More →

Test Your Skills in the Cyber Mission Café during AFCEA TechNet Augusta, Booth #802

By Keenan Skelly, VP of Global Partnerships & Security Evangelist, Circadence

Security practitioners of all skill levels are invited to join Circadence® at Booth #802 during the TechNet Augusta Conference August 8-10. Spend some time in... Read More →

Summer Camp Goes Cyber for 25 Rising Stars in Security

By Ashton Mozano, Chief Technology Officer, Circadence

One of the things I appreciate most about Circadence® is the company’s dedication to training the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Not only do we... Read More →

An Educational Institution Roadmap for Women in Cybersecurity

By Laura Lee, Executive Vice President, Cyber Training and Assessments, Circadence

When I was in school, just five percent (5%) of my engineering class were women. Today, according to the 2017 Global Information Security Workforce Study:... Read More →

Circadence® Project Ares® Honored for Innovation in Cyber Training

Network Products Guide, the IT industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, named Circadence® Project Ares® a Gold winner in both the IT Products and... Read More →