Michael J. Moniz

Co-founder, President and CEO of Circadence Corporation

Michael J. Moniz is the co-founder, President, and CEO of Circadence® and has established the company as a leader in cyber range, cybersecurity readiness, and risk mitigation solutions. Under his direction, Circadence has secured 39 patents, many focusing on high-growth market segments such as cloud and mobile computing. Notably, in 2008, he led the company to a first place ranking in the Deloitte Fast 50. Mr. Moniz co-founded VR-1, an early visionary in online multiplayer games, establishing titles such as Fighter Ace and UltraCorps on Microsoft’s Gaming Zone, seven titles with AOL and content distribution agreements with Sony.

Mr. Moniz shares his business expertise and contributes guidance as a board member and strategic advisor for several corporate and non-profit organizations including the Outdoor Foundation, dZi Foundation and Northern Therapeutics. He was educated at the University of Colorado and Harvard University. He attended the Aresty Institute of Executive Education at the Wharton School.

Mr. Moniz has been a two-time finalist for Ernst and Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and he is featured in the New York Times best-selling book “How to Act Like a CEO” by Debra Benton. Based on his technology expertise, he has been an invited speaker at several national and international conferences.

Always pursuing ever-greater challenges, Mr. Moniz, an avid alpinist, co-holds the world speed record for his ascent of the 50 highest mountains in the U.S. in 43 days. He has summited five of the Seven Summits, including Denali, Aconcagua and Mt. Everest, and is one of the few individuals to hold the distinction of summiting two 8,000-meter peaks (Mt. Everest and Lhotse) within 24 hours. Most recently in May of 2014, Mike summited Tibet’s Cho Oyu, the world’s 6th highest peak at 26,906 ft. In 2010, National Geographic named Mr. Moniz one of their Ultimate Adventurers.

Christopher T. Blisard

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

With more than 20 years of operational, business development, and leadership experience, Christopher T. Blisard has led Circadence as COO since 1999 and has been instrumental in its success since the founding of the Company. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of the Company, Mr. Blisard has been a fundamental force in creating major OEM, partnership, and cooperative technology agreements with corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Network Equipment Technologies, Accenture, Dell, Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, and many other influential technology leaders in the industry.

An avid golfer and skier, Mr. Blisard participates in a variety of outdoor activities with his wife and three children. The family is also heavily involved in local nonprofit organizations and fundraising events for causes ranging from cancer research to outreach and support for the homeless.

Peter-Christian Olivo

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Peter-Christian Olivo has served as Circadence’s Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary since 2000. In this role, Mr. Olivo is responsible for all transactional, intellectual property and regulatory matters for Circadence, including its government contracts, patent filings and risk management oversight. Mr. Olivo also oversees all human resource functions including hiring, performance management, employee development and compensation and benefit programs that help attract and retain the talent necessary to fuel Circadence’s growth. Prior to joining Circadence, Mr. Olivo was a senior associate in the Corporate and Securities practice group at Hogan & Hartson and Holme Roberts and Owen, focusing on private placement transactions and initial public offerings. He also served as a law clerk to the Hon. Robert H. MacWilliams of the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Olivo is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School and holds a B.A. in Economics from Macalester College. He is active in several non profit organizations, including serving as President of the Board of Directors of Conscious Alliance, a national non-profit that provides emergency food relief and youth empowerment programs to communities in crises.

Todd L. Kannegieter

Vice President Finance

With over three decades of finance and accounting experience, Todd L. Kannegieter has served as Vice President of Finance for Circadence Corporation since 2001. Mr. Kannegieter is responsible for the overall financial management of the company, its financial reporting and transparency, and for multiple corporate functions including investor relations, treasury management and long-range financial planning.

Mr. Kannegieter has volunteered his time for several nonprofit organizations including the CFO/Treasurer for Flagstaff Academy from 2003 to 2008, a K-8 charter school in Longmont, CO, where he was one of the Founders in 2003. He was also instrumental in raising a $13.5 million bond in 2008 for Flagstaff Academy’s new school building.

R. Bradley Prewitt

Executive Vice President of Government Relations and Development

With over 20 years as an attorney, political advisor, business developer and strategic thinker, R. Bradley Prewitt has served on Circadence’s Executive Team since 2007.  Mr. Prewitt led the corporate initiative to locate Circadence’s Product Development and Advanced R&D Center in Tupelo, Mississippi, where he is based.  Prior to his work with Circadence, Mr. Prewitt worked as a defense lawyer in a civil litigation firm and later as general counsel to United States Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) on Capitol Hill.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Brad manages his wife’s and his family’s 180 year old farm, which possesses not only a large herd of Angus and Brangus cows, but chickens and horses, row crop land, and two active sons, the seventh generation to live on the farm.

Laura Lee

Executive Vice President of Rapid Prototyping

Laura Lee leads multi-disciplined teams in the development of new capabilities for cybersecurity training and assessment. She shares her cyber expertise with our artificial intelligence advisors in order to build in-game avatars that help instruct players. Ms. Lee also led Circadence’s experienced team of game designers, cyber operators, and software developers to create an immersive and engaging cyber platform that embeds real-world cyber ranges in an “Ender’s Game”-like environment. Through agile development, her team created our flagship cybersecurity training and assessment platform Project Ares, and Orion, the Mission Builder.

Ms. Lee brings an exceptional record of leadership in the field of cyber exercises and training, previously directing the research and development for cyber exercises at Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL), prior to joining Circadence. At Johns Hopkins, she developed the first ever Cyber Protection Team Crew Operations Manual for US Military Forces and National Guard Teams. In support of US CYBERCOMMAND, she led the assessment of cyber teams at large scale cyber exercises and developed team defense strategies for effective roles and techniques against Advanced Persistent Threats. Ms. Lee has a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Notre Dame, a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics from the University of Minnesota and a Juris Doctorate from George Mason School of Law.

Keenan Skelly

Vice President of Global Partnerships and Security Evangelist

Ms. Skelly has twenty years’ experience in providing security and management solutions across a wide array of platforms to include personnel, physical, and cybersecurity. She brings over ten years in government service with a focus on National Security. Ms. Skelly served in the US Army as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician and went on to work for the Department of Homeland Security where she served as Chief for Comprehensive Reviews in the Office for Infrastructure Protection. In this capacity, she ran vulnerability assessments and exercises on Critical Infrastructure assets throughout the Nation, and helped to develop the first systems assessment approach for Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources.

Leveraging her history with government relations and strong industry partnerships, Ms. Skelly currently serves as Vice President of Global Partnerships and Security Evangelist. Ms. Skelly holds a B.A. in Homeland Security, a B.S. in Information Technology, a Masters Certificate in National Security Studies, and she is currently completing an M.P.S in Strategic Cyber Operations and Information Management at George Washington University.

Ms. Skelly is a longtime volunteer for Red Cross Disaster Services and Operations; and as a Wounded Warrior she is a proud volunteer for Team Rubicon.

John Nipp

Senior Vice President of Cyber Operations

John C. Nipp is responsible for the overall financial and operational management of our entire portfolio of Federal contracts. With over 22 years of Federal contracting experience, Mr. Nipp previously led our Federal programmatic effort from beginning to end, including strategy creation, contingency planning, risk mitigation, requirement and plan design for project life cycle deployment, and development of requests for proposals for external services. Currently, Mr. Nipp is a Colonel with the Mississippi Army National Guard. During the past 6 years Mr. Nipp has deployed twice to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

An avid runner, Mr. Nipp has completed numerous marathons and half marathons to include the New York City Marathon.  Also, he is very active with many nonprofit organizations focusing on the health and welfare of returning military members from combat deployments.

Joshua Selfe

Vice President of Strategic Innovation

More than 14 years’ experience in successfully tearing down barriers, challenging perceptual limitations in order to make end-users more productive and effective. Joshua Selfe joined Circadence in 2018 to champion the synthetization of knowledge to facilitate product vision, execution, culture, team performance and business growth.

Prior to joining Circadence, Mr. Selfe served as a Technical and Strategic Advisor to the DoD Executive Agent of Cyber Training Ranges. In this role, he predicted, identified and analyzed cyber training trends such as emerging technologies, evolving business models and recommending ways to meet these trends to Flag Officers and Senior Service Executives.

Daniel Jaramillo

Vice President of Sales

With more than 20 years’ experience, Daniel’s expertise in multi-department collaboration, strategic compliance, and his unique blend of technical and sales consulting drive his role as Vice President of Sales for Circadence. He is known for empowering and building motivated teams who use their individual strengths in finding purpose that ultimately drives the company and strengthens customer experiences and success.

Prior to joining Circadence, Daniel served as Director of Business Development at Nexsan. He also carries certification in IAM (Identity and Access Management).

Daniel is a caring father and husband, focused on spending time with his family when not working. He is actively involved in several nonprofit organizations committed to families who have experienced loss and/or long-term illnesses and is director (and founder) of the nonprofit Daniel “The Lion” Day in memory of his late son. He is also chairman of the board for Positive Spin Magazine, a publication written by kids for kids focused on addressing pressing social issues.

Dawn Nier

Vice President of Product Development

As Vice President of Product Development, Dawn Nier manages products for the engineering team and organization as a whole. She brings over 13 years of experience cultivating teams, driving execution of corporate strategy and vision, planning and budgeting of resources, and implementing efficiencies. Ms. Nier ensures the Company continues to build, provide, and support all products to best meet the growing cybersecurity demands and needs among all industries. In her spare time, she is a travel enthusiast, sewist, and musician in San Diego. She also enjoys fighting sword and board in the local chapter of The Society for Creative Anachronism and practicing Mandarin.

Craig Koroscil

Vice President of Cyber Education and Training

Craig Koroscil joined Circadence bringing with him over 17 years of cyber operations, information security and computer science experience. Mr. Koroscil leads the Company’s efforts to combine world-class cyber operations experience with innovative solutions to provide training, evaluation, and certification paths that enable clients to meet their cybersecurity goals.

Prior to joining Circadence, Mr. Koroscil led classroom-based training efforts in support of DoD and Fortune 500 company cybersecurity initiatives; developed training curriculum focused on offensive, defensive and hunt methodologies; spent countless hours on the podium as an instructor; and developed APT scenarios for DARPA’s Transparent Computing Program. He also supported national security and DoD operations as a cyber operator, developer and planner throughout his 13-year active duty Navy service where he was awarded the Defense Meritorious Service, Joint Service Commendation and Joint Meritorious Service Medals.

Mr. Koroscil is a technology hobbyist who enjoys giving back through programs such as CyberPatriot, Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, GiveCamp and various K-12 programs.

Gary Morton

Vice President of Quality Assurance

Gary Morton has 20+ years of experience successfully leading software and hardware product development programs predominantly in the networking and security space.  As VP of Product Delivery & Quality Assurance at Circadence, Mr. Morton has led innovative and successful new product initiatives in network optimization, cyber range management, and, most recently, cyber security training and assessment.  Prior to joining Circadence, Mr. Morton led the development of industry leading network security and high performance network products at SUN/Oracle, AT&T/NCR, and several startups.  Mr. Morton holds BA degrees in Computer Science and Management Science from UCSD and an MBA from the University of Redlands.

Outside of work, Mr. Morton is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys skiing, golf, running, biking, triathlons and shares the love of an active lifestyle with his wife and two children.