Case Studies

10X Improvement for Overseas BP SharePoint Users

  • First-pass acceleration
  • Link Resilience™
  • Centralized management
  • Secure collaboration
  • Light and extensible
  • Rapid ROI

3X Faster Delivery of Training Content – US Military

  • Multimedia content requires increased bandwidth
  • Consistent user experience
  • Improved training efficiency

Police Download Pertinent Information on the Road

  • Poor throughput and latency issues are resolved through Circadence’s® patented optimization protocol
  • Link Resilience™ prevents multiple GPS activations and the loss of applications
“The use of Circadence software has made us much more productive, with faster responses from NCIC and working reports from the field. We are light years ahead of where we were before the Circadence implementation.”
Officer Justin LancasterRidgeland Police Department, Ridgeland, MS

Circadence Optimizes SharePoint and CRM Performance

  • Overseas SharePoint users were able to download documents 5X faster
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM users were able to print reports 2.5X faster
amx_logo_web 2x
“Circadence’s staff were courteous and professional. They took on the global project with ease and delivered high-quality acceleration worldwide. I couldn’t be more pleased.”
Matt GloverSenior Director of Global Information, AMX

Medical Imaging: 6X Improvement in Processing Time

  • No costly hardware purchases and easy installation
  • Greater file transfer reliability
  • Patients receive treatment more quickly
imaging associates
“Jaw dropping performance with an attractive price point makes Circadence MVO a solid investment, one which fills our need for faster connections.”
Cavett OtisImaging Associates of North Mississippi