Supporting Commercial, Military, Government and Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Circadence® solves network and application bandwidth needs for commercial, military, government, and critical infrastructure sectors. Our customers include:

Customer Testimonials

“For every transaction, Circadence clearly shows the most reduction in response time. These devices are stabilizing the network and keeping connections alive without timing out.”
Oracle Consulting
“The Circadence MVO appliance is capable of greatly improving the throughput and reliability of [our] systems and should be deployed.”
U.S. Marine Corps, Marine Logistics Group
“Circadence MVO has kept us from having to purchase additional bandwidth, keeping our recurring costs at a level amount. This will continue to be advantageous for us as reimbursement from insurance carriers continues to be reduced.”
Imaging Associates of Northern Mississippi
“The Circadence virtual MVO platform allows [us] to offer customers and partners the highest levels of network performance and reliability when deploying, managing, and migrating virtual machines and applications across the WAN.”
Deutsche Telekom