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Examine the issues yourself. Our library of white papers contains many independent tests of Circadence® WAN Optimization solutions in real-life comparisons. Others cover the challenges of accelerating and securing WAN connections for enterprise applications and the mobile workforce.

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Building and Maintaining Effective Cloud Computing Infrastructures

A number of technical issues, including WAN performance, security, and central management of virtual and IP services, prevent the widespread adoption of cloud computing infrastructures in the enterprise. This paper explores the nature of these technical challenges and offers solutions for building and maintaining more effective cloud computing infrastructures.

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Software-as-a-Service: Performance and Security Requirements on WANs

While software-as-a-service (SaaS) first took hold in small and medium-sized businesses, even large-scale enterprises are now deploying SaaS to cut software acquisition and maintenance costs. However, according to market research, the top three reservations customers have in implementing SaaS are security, lack of control, and the reliability and performance of SaaS applications. Nearly all of these concerns can be addressed with the proper deployment of SaaS. This paper discusses the challenges of delivering secure, reliable SaaS over WAN infrastructures and offers solutions for companies selling SaaS solutions and for potential purchasers of network-delivered applications.

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Improving Connections for Mobile Workers

To increase productivity and customer service, businesses are increasingly moving critical computing applications to mobile users. This shift to mobile computing introduces significant challenges. Compromises in security, productivity, and reliable remote connections can occur if mobile connections are improperly implemented. In addition, technologies deployed for improving connections for mobile workers must provide a long-term infrastructure that is flexible enough to grow and adapt to changing business demands. This paper examines these challenges and offers significant solutions for improving mobile connectivity.

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The Hidden Costs in Network Bandwidth

One commonly overlooked operational expense in many companies is the cost of wide area network bandwidth. Many companies can substantially improve productivity and save capital and operating expenses if they merely optimize the bandwidth they already have. WAN optimization is a technology which not only automatically compresses data so that more of it travels down the same bandwidth, or WAN “pipe”, but also prioritizes data over competing network traffic, boosting performance even higher. This combination of more data over the same pipe and moving data ahead of network congestion and other traffic improves performance by 60% or more, depending on the type of data transmitted.

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WAN Optimization Made Easy

Mobile computing, branch offices, software-as-a-service, and other applications are stressing the security and performance of WANs. To squeeze the most benefit from these costly connections, companies must choose WAN optimization products not only on a cost basis, but also on their potential security, manageability, and flexibility benefits. Most importantly, implementing WAN optimization should not require a major overhaul to a company’s existing network, nor should it require extensive retraining of IT personnel. Successful WAN optimization should be easy to implement, yet provide a solid infrastructure for continued growth. This paper discusses WAN optimization challenges and proposes cost-effective and secure solutions.

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WAN Optimization for Oracle Applications

Enterprises implementing Oracle applications over WANs must manage performance, security, and data integrity over many topologies. This paper examines IT administrators’ challenges to not only ensure the security of Oracle data over WANs, but also to provide the required performance for these applications to be effective. Finally, the paper proposes a solution for Oracle applications that integrates security and performance optimization into one centrally managed package.

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Enhancing Health Care IT Performance and Data Reliability

This paper examines the specific network infrastructure challenges of moving healthcare data to a purely electronic format for access by internal and external healthcare workers. Challenges to making this digital conversion include increasing network performance, preserving data reliability, and maintaining security compliance. Traditional methods of addressing these challenges are reviewed, as well as solutions that may better address the unique IT needs of healthcare organizations.

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