Change Behavior, Change Company Cyber Security Culture

  • March 11, 2020

For an organization to have a strong cyber readiness strategy, employees within must be willing to recognize potentially harmful cyber behaviors and proactively work to change them. But how can you effectively influence employee behavior when it comes to cyber safety? The answer may surprise you…

It comes down to understanding employee’s psychological faculties first. What influences and motivates employees to actually change how they conduct themselves online, using workplace online systems and platforms? What must an employee think, do, and care about in terms of cyber security to alter behavior? What external factors and trainings can be adopted or modified to facilitate behavioral change?

The answer lies in games! Games are fun and engaging because it appeals to certain psychological drivers within us as human beings. These drivers motivate us toward certain activities. By utilizing gamified, immersive, hands-on cyber training, employees are able to improve their cyber awareness and ultimately change day-to-day actions.

Games can help change behavior because they address several psychological factors that inform and influence learning :

  • Games Provide an Immediate Benefit to Individual Learner – Games typically offer a sense of competition by way of leaderboards, scoring, and team-based play alongside incentives that help players understand “what’s in it for me?” when learning new information.
  • Games Offer a Sense of Accomplishment – Everyone wants to feel like they are making progress and working toward something, eventually culminating in some kind of reward (money, material items, praise, etc). Things like digital badges, “trophies,” level progression, and certificates can drive players to complete challenges and take on additional learning
  • Games Promote Feelings of Ownership – Self-paced games that a player can engage with on his/her own time makes them feel like they “own” Ownership innately motivates people to make their objective at hand, better. Self-paced cyber activities where the user is at the helm of their learning experience increases ownership and empowerment. They don’t have their manager lurking over their shoulder waiting for the next activity to be complete. They can do training on their schedule and at their convenience, when they are ‘ready’ to do it and in the right mindset.
  • Accountability – Utilizing games that involve teamwork instill feelings of acceptance, a ‘we’re in this together’ attitude, and a healthy drive of competition. These activities draw people closer together and make concepts relatable and understandable when they learn together. Training feels less ‘lonely’ and isolated.

Our platform, inCyt, is the perfect tool to help you weave cyber security awareness training into the fabric of your organization. By offering easy to digest information portrayed through interactive games, non-technical employees can gain a deeper understanding of how to stay safe online.

inCyt is an evolving training solution where those with limited cyber knowledge learn basic concepts through cyber themed battles. Currently, inCyt teaches password and email security along with general online safety, with future topics ranging from social media to remote work safety practices and more!

Change behavior to change company culture with inCyt. Not only will your employees feel more empowered to make safe choices online, but your organization will be better protected from looming threats.

To learn more about cyber psychology in the context of building a stronger cyber team and employee base, be sure to check out our on-demand webinar, Time to Reboot: The I/O Psychology of Cyber Security. To learn more about inCyt, schedule a demo today!