Our Commitment during COVID-19

The COVID pandemic and the stay-at-home requirements have created an unprecedented situation for learning institutions, small businesses, enterprises, government agencies, families and individuals. We are all effected on multiple levels.

As with many that focus on cyber security, Circadence is attuned to the fact that cyber threats are peaking as digital vulnerabilities arise. Despite recent changes in how and where we work together, we remain committed to our mission to help protect our customers, partners, and their businesses through cyber education.

We are supporting safe, remote work for our workforce as the Circadence team continues to serve our customers and partners through continued improvements to the Project Ares cyber learning platform. When the timing is right for your institution or organization, we are here to help upskill cyber professionals, enhance cyber education, and engage students learning remotely.

We hope you are staying safe and secure during this time. Please contact us if Circadence can be of service to you.

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Transitions to the Cloud: Considerations for Cyber Training and Readiness

Join Karl Gossett as he explains the challenges and opportunities with businesses shifting operations to the cloud and how cyber training is impacted.

Read the latest news headlines featuring our products and industry experts.

Learning Cyber During the Pandemic | Cyber Defense Magazine

Circadence CTO Brad Hayes shares tips for learning cyber security during the pandemic and option for remote learning hands-on ranges.

RSA 2020: The Final News Roundup | Journal of Cyber Policy

Journal of Cyber Policy highlights Circadence cyber ranges in an RSA 2020 roundup article.

Circadence Wins Silver and Bronze Awards for NexAgent from International Serious Play Awards

Circadence wins Silver and Bronze Awards for NexAgent from International Serious Play Awards Conference.

Removing The Barriers To Effective Cybersecurity Training: What We Can Learn From Gamification

Circadence CEO Michael Moniz shares his thoughts in Forbes magazine on how gamification can remove the barriers of cybersecurity training.

Circadence Launches Channel Partner Program

Circadence Corporation announced the launch of its channel reseller program on June 1, 2020.

How to Build Community for Employees Working from Home

Circadence VP of Marketing and Creative Wes Knee shares tips on how to build community for employees working from home.

15 Game-Changing Technologies You Might Not Know About Yet

Circadence CEO Michael Moniz shares his thoughts in Forbes magazine on how gamification is a game-changing technology in cyber training.

How Gamification Pragmatically Impacts the Future of Cyber Security Training | Forbes

Circadence CEO Michael Moniz shares thoughts in Forbes magazine, on how gamification can positively impact the trajectory of cyber training today.

MSU, Circadence partner to create virtual cyber defense tool

A university alliance with cyber readiness company Circadence Corporation is customizing an existing MSU-designed Netmapper computer program to develop next-generation cyber learning and training software that can scan and map the military’s complex computer network infrastructures.

Circadence Supports Milam Elementary in Computer Science Teaching and Learning with Project Ares | Daily Journal

Laura Sheffield, media specialist at the school library who was named 2020 TPSD Teacher of the Year, is being recognized for the community partnership she established with Circadence Corporation. Sheffield worked with Circadence, a software company with an office in Tupelo, to show students the opportunities a career in computer science can provide.

Michael Moniz of Circadence Joins the Forbes Technology Council

Michael Moniz, CEO and Co-founder of Circadence Corporation in Boulder, Colorado recently joined the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for top CEOs, CTOs, and technology executives to share and exchange leading-edge ideas that better their industries.

Technado Podcast feat. CTO Brad Hayes

Brad Hayes from Circadence was a great addition to this week’s Technado, providing expertise on cyber defense, autonomy, and IT training. He and the hosts discussed LabCorp getting pwned, as well as a shakeup at IBM, a new all-Chinese computer, and fraudulent transactions plaguing the Chrome web store.

Enterprise Management 360: Why Cyber Education is Important in the Workforce

Circadence CTO Brad Hayes shares insight into why cyber education is critical to today’s workforce security in the digital age.

Circadence Improves Advanced Cyber Learning with New Features in Project Ares

Award winning cyber learning platform provides new features to improve training scalability, content access, and new learning exercises

Students Learn Future Cyber Career Possibilities at Tupelo Cyber Day

Students at Milam Elementary were learning about cyber security through a computer game, and they are also hearing from someone who helps fight cyber threats every day. The Cyber Day demonstration is sponsored by Circadence.

Make it fun: A cyber exec’s take on training a workforce

Circadence’s Keenan Skelly talks to Fifth Domain about the challenges an organization faces when training their workforce about cybersecurity.

Cyber Wire Podcast

Cyber Wire interviews Keenan Skelly about a career in cybersecurity, the gender gap and the importance of cyber training.

An EOD tech’s advice for women in tech

Circadence’s Keenan Skelly interviews with Fifth Domain about women in tech.

Online shoppers expected to lose millions to holiday shopping scams this year

The Washington Times featured Brad Hayes’ comments in a recent article about holiday shopping scams.

Using small data sets for machine learning models sees growth

TechTarget interviews Brad Hayes, Chief Technology Officer at Circadence about using small data sets for machine learning models.

Denver Business Journal tech reporter interviews Brad Hayes about Coalfire news story

Denver Business Journal tech reporter interviews Brad Hayes at Circadence about the recent news of two Coalfire employees arrested for pen-testing. Brad shares his opinion and expertise on this news and topic.

Achieving Cybersecurity Readiness with AI-Powered, Gamified Training

Cyber Defense Magazine features expertise from Keenan Skelly about the benefits of gamified training for cybersecurity

It’s Time to Start a Cyber Security Career

ColoradoBiz magazine features expertise from Circadence on how to start a cyber security career whether beginner or seasoned pro looking to advance.

Securiosity Podcast interview with Keenan Skelly about Gamification

CyberScoop’s Greg Otto interviews Keenan Skelly during an episode of Securiosity Podcast. Keenan discusses gamification in cyber security training and inCyt.

How Healthcare Facilities Can Improve Cybersecurity

Healthcare Business & Technology Magazine features Circadence in an article sharing tips on how healthcare facilities can improve cybersecurity.

Circadence’s Keenan Skelly Named Top 25 Women in Cybersecurity in 2019 by Cyber Defense Magazine

Keenan Skelly, Vice President of Global Partnerships and Security Evangelist at Circadence® Corporation in Boulder, Colorado was named one of the Top 25 Women in Cybersecurity in 2019, by Cyber Defense Awards and Cyber Defense Magazine.

Circadence’s Project Ares Chosen as Premier Gamified Environment for Wicked6 Cyber Games

Circadence gamified cyber learning platform, Project Ares, has been chosen as the premier gamified environment for the upcoming Wicked6 Cyber Games.

Staying Secure in the Age of Digital Transformation

ColoradoBiz magazine features Circadence on digital transformation and cyber security implications. Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

How Gamified Learning Is Changing the Landscape of Cyber Training | Boss Magazine

Circadence’s Wes Knee shares insight into why and how gamification enables cyber training and skill building for professionals in today’s talent gap.

Trends in Cyber Security | Disruptor Daily

Circadence’s Josh Davis shares what will transform cyber security for the better.

Technology Impacting the Future of Cyber Security | Daily Disruptor

Which technologies are working to strengthen cybersecurity as we know it? This is an important question that will partially define the relative stability or chaos of our digital future. Circadence’s Josh Davis shares his perspectives.

Interview with Michael Moniz | InfoSecurity Magazine

InfoSecurity Magazine interviews CEO Michael Moniz on the future of cyber training — where it will go and how it will help us all stay safe online.

Where do we go from here? | SC Media

Teri Robinson interviews Circadence’s Keenan Skelly on the future of cyber security for women.

Cyber Training Through Games and AI | Medium.com

Circadence has an in-game advisor in their gamified cyber range simulator that relies on AI technology.

38 Experts Share Thoughts on the Future of Cyber Security

These industry insiders share their perspective on how cyber experts are combating these threats, and where the industry as a whole is headed:

Boulder-based firm creates program to “gamify” cyber learning

Circadence, a Boulder-based firm creates learning platforms for cybersecurity, [namely] Project Ares, which “gamifies” the cybersecurity learning experience.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Mitigate Cyber-Risks | International Airport Review

AI alongside proper training and education, can manage even the worse of security breaches into a positive outcome for airports and their users.

CU Boulder uses Project Ares teach cyber security skills

The platform gives “huge benefits” to instructors with instructional hints, scoring and reporting on student activity.

Cybercrime has evolved. It’s time cyber security did too.

The Internet has changed the way we communicate and has helped create a global economy. But with great change comes great opportunity – one that malicious hackers have not been slow to exploit.

Colorado Women Execs Address Gender Gap in Cyber Security

The number of women in cybersecurity is growing, but the field is far from gender parity. Circadence’s Keenan Skelly shares expertise on how to fill the skills gap and get more women in cyber.

CBS4 Denver – Gamified Cyber Learning at CU Boulder

Students at the University of Colorado Boulder are harnessing the cyber security skills needed to fill a widening staff shortage– using a video game on Circadence’s Project Ares.

Computer Fraud and Security – Gamification as a Winning Strategy

In this “game of protection’ to balance defensive and offensive security techniques, now is the time for CISOs and business leaders to reach for a new cyber security manual – one that leverages gamification.

Digital Journal – Project Ares 2nd Patent Issued

Circadence Corp., a market leader in cybersecurity readiness, recently announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a second patent for the company’s gamified cyber range learning platform Project Ares.

Why Gamification is a Winning Security Strategy

In this ‘game of protection’ to balance defensive and offensive security techniques, now is the time for CISOs and business leaders to reach for a new cyber security manual – one that leverages gamification.

Senate Passed Federal Cyber Workforce Act

In an effort to address the cybersecurity skills gap and create a more resourceful and effective cybersecurity workforce, the US Senate has passed the Federal Rotational Cyber Workforce Program Act of 2019.

Keenan Skelly Named Top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity 2019

The Software Report is pleased to announce the Top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity of 2019. Hundreds of exceptional women were nominated in this year’s process. We evaluated each nominee based on a series of questions on the candidate’s professional capabilities. The Software Report also conducted candidate evaluation based on research of qualified information sources […]

NICE Names Circadence’s Brad Wolfenden as New Co-Chair

Bradley Wolfenden, Director of Cyber Academic Partnerships at Circadence  will begin his tenure as the new co-chair for the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Competitions Subgroup in April, 2019.

A Dialogue with Keenan Skelly – ISTP magazine

ITSPmagazine’s John Dasher chats with Keenan Skelly, Circadence VP of Global Partnerships & Security Evangelist, for a fascinating conversation on cybersecurity learning, training and assessment through their Ares and Orion products.

Circadence deploys gamification training to shrink skills gap – The Last Watchdog

One of the top innovators in the training space is Circadence®. The Boulder, CO-based company got its start in the mid-1990s as a pioneer of massive multi-player  video games. It then took its expertise in moving massive amounts of gaming data and applied it first to training military cyber warfare specialists, and, next, to training security […]

Women in AI: Be Fearless (Medium)

I had the pleasure of interviewing Keenan Skelly. Skelly has more than 20 years of experience providing security and management solutions across a wide array of platforms to include personnel, physical, and cybersecurity. 

Supply Chain Cyber Risk

Security predictions and directions for 2019 from Laura Lee, EVP of Rapid Prototyping.

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