What is a Cyber Range, and Why Does Your Organization Need One?

Closed, Virtualized Network

Interactive, Realistic Emulation of Your Organization's Systems and Devices

Enables Cybersecurity Teams to Train and Evaluate Skills in Real Time

Enables Your Cybersecurity Team to Simulate, Rehearse, and Practice if a Vulnerability was Compromised

Project Ares® is a high-fidelity cyber range-based, gamified training platform that prepares your team to tackle real-world threats.

  • Scalability – Enable teams of any size to train 24×7
  • Authenticity – Real-world threats to the system will be dealt with more effectively and rapidly
  • Continuous – Cybersecurity teams will be better prepared for attacks through repetitive training
  • Gamified – By combining interactive and machine learning with the motivation that gamification provides, teams enjoy training and have a record of progress and growth

Building Test Networks

Circadence® designs, builds, supports and manages customer-specific cyber ranges that are high performance, scalable cloud-based platform solutions.

  • Enables rapid build-out of complex test networks
  • Latest threats can be safely deployed without risk of exposure to the internet
  • Deployable for government, military and commercial ranges using public and private clouds
  • Facilitates customer-specific testing, training and tool development