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Security Awareness Platform

Increase Cyber IQ and Aptitude

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Lower Risk

Using gamified hack processes, employees compete in cyber-themed battles that increase security awareness and reduce business risk.

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Strengthen Workforce

Empower and engage the workforce, from the beginner professional to the seasoned cyber teams.

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Improve Practices

Cultivate good cyber hygiene practices by growing cyber aptitude in safe, virtual environments, instead of trial by fire in the workplace. 

inCyt, the game and learning tool, educates the entire enterprise workforce through concept-driven gameplay reflective of real-world cyber security offensive and defensive strategies and best practices. Inside the game, players gather intel and then use gamified hack processes – like phishing or malware – to take out their opponent. It is so engaging, you don’t even realize you’re improving your cyber awareness and Cyber IQ. It is for companies that understand the biggest cyberattack risks come from vulnerabilities within the employee base.

Browser Based

Engage in game play on your own schedule to make learning cyber concepts attainable.

Inclusive Approach

Enhance the Cyber IQ of both the beginning learner and seasoned IT security professional with gamified cyber security exercises.

Track Player Performance

Access performance metrics to understand organization security awareness posture.

“Employees should see and read daily reports on cybersecurity best practices. They should have immediate access to information via corporate networks and other materials. Regular cybersecurity training should be mandatory.” ~ CSO Online