Custom Mission Builder

Emulate complex environments for authentic cybersecurity learning in Project Ares®

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Create battle room and mission exercises for enterprise cyber teams.

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Fulfill specific skills requirements and mandates with custom mission creation.

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Build a robust cybersecurity curriculum for “hands-on,” individuated learning.

Industries Served

Orion, the custom mission builder, allows course designers in the enterprise, government, and academic sectors the ability to tailor mission scenario exercises to match industry happenings. This flexibility allows cyber teams to train in realistic environments that reflect real-world circumstances so when an attack occurs, they will be prepared to defend accordingly.


Combat stereotypical conceptions of traditional classroom cyber training with engaging, custom missions and battle room builds that show trainers they will be learning relevant skills pertinent to their job here and now.


Mission designers can establish clear pathways that direct trainees to established learning objectives to ensure users obtain the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in their profession and industry.


Cybersecurity threats are constant and evolving, getting more sophisticated every day. Mission designers can custom build exercises based on the latest attacks happening today to keep participants returning to train again with fresh content.

Define learning outcomes relevant to industry cybersecurity challenges and needs

Encourage problem-solving and proficiency among cyber teams

“It’s critical that companies help their employees understand the nuances of cyberthreats, and by giving them a safe place to simulate real-life situations, they are helping to prevent the next big data breach from human error.”

~ Forbes