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The only gamified, persistent, online cybersecurity learning and assessment platform that hones cyber team skills.

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Project Ares allows cyber teams from across enterprise, government, and academic institutions to automate and augment the cyber workforce by providing immersive, gamified cyber range learning environments that emulate company networks. Realistic scenarios engage teams in immersive, mission-specific virtual environments using real-world tools, network activity and a large library of authentic threat scenarios. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI capabilities and virtual machine orchestration enable rapid conversion of real-time threat intelligence into new missions, helping users adapt to new problems as they arise.


Battle room and mission exercises are game-like, allowing users to not only learn cybersec concepts but apply them to real-life scenarios in competitive environments, increasing retention to 75%.

Virtualized Networks

Spawn a large number of cyber range nodes to replicate various scenarios that help users quantify an organization’s cyber risk.

Measure Effectiveness

Instructor oversight capabilities allow for performance monitoring and skills assessments while leaderboards give insight into overall user strengths and weaknesses.

Transforming cybersecurity learning with hands-on, gamified teaching models.

Information and skills retention rates increase to 75% compared to traditional classroom settings.

Strengthened Professional Commitment

Continuous professional development and skill-building opportunities make cyber professionals feel valued and proud of their skills progression, bolstering their commitment to protect and defend their data.

Quantifiable Skills Evaluation

CISOs can effectively evaluate and gauge cyber team competencies to clearly communicate positive impact and overarching value of their info security strategy.

Proactive Approach Reduces Risk Environment

Cyber professionals are confident in their ability to defend against adversaries thanks to ongoing availability and access to real-world threat scenarios that mirror organizational networks.