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Comprehensive Cyber Curriculum

There’s always something new to learn with Project Ares’ comprehensive library of cyber scenarios that provide offensive and defensive strategies at varying levels of difficulty for student skills progression.

Battle School Environments  

Battle schools enable asynchronous practice and review of cyber skills and knowledge. Cyber games for technical topics and battle rooms for non-mission specific tactical practice nurture aspiring professionals.

AI and Machine Learning Technology  

Artificial Intelligence provides on-demand help and feedback to students, freeing up the instructor’s time to facilitate game play and maximize classroom time.

Instructor Portal View  

Instructors can evaluate individual performance through trainer portals and dashboards and pivot course concepts in order to keep pace with individual learning styles and employ real-time training intervention.

Delivering on its promise: The premier cyber training resource for academic institutions.

Universities, colleges, high schools, and middle schools place confidence in Project Ares knowing it provides students with “in-action” learning that complements classroom teachings.

Engage Learners Through Gamification

Our virtual gaming environment supports customized, task-oriented training, skill-specific games, and battle room scenarios for all player skill levels. This approach encourages necessary repetition to develop lasting skill and knowledge retention, while keeping students engaged.

Cultivate Skills That Complement Classroom Education

Combined with machine orchestration, AI technology converts real-life adversary scenarios into fresh, challenging content helping students apply learned concepts to actual activities. This ensures students have limitless opportunities to hone their skills without frequent duplication.

Available 24x7

Whether at home or on-campus, students can train on platforms that suit their on-the-go lifestyle and learning preferences (mobile, desktop, tablet).

Reward-Driven Learning

Scenario-based battle rooms and gameplay enable students to earn skill badges and prepare for certifications to document their proficiency on singular cyber tasks and in large-scale, cooperative settings. These gamified elements encourage progress and serve students long-term as accomplishments to be highlighted on applications for internships and future career pursuit.


State-of-the-art technology and detailed performance metrics give instructors the benchmarks and progression points needed to prepare the next generation of cyber professionals and fill the industry skills gap.