Prepare the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals to Enter the Workforce With Paradigm-shifting Cyber Training.

Project Ares® is an immersive, gamified cybersecurity training and assessment platform that provides cybersecurity teams with the opportunity to practice skills and hone tactics in real time. Training to scale, the proprietary platform engages teams in realistic, mission-specific virtual environments using real-world tools, network activity and a large library of authentic threat scenarios. Artificial intelligence combined with virtual machine orchestration enables the platform to convert real-time threat intelligence into new missions, keeping training fresh, relevant and challenging. Unlike the traditional lecture-based training models, Project Ares takes cybersecurity training out of the classroom and into an interactive real-world environment.

Engage learners through gamification—Our virtual gaming environment supports customized, task-oriented training, skill-specific games, and mission scenarios for individual and team exercises.

Cultivate skills that complement classroom learning—Combined with machine orchestration, AI technology converts real-life adversary scenarios into fresh, challenging content helping students apply learned concepts to actual activities.

Reward-driven learning—Badges and certificates encourage progress and serve students long-term as accomplishments to be highlighted for applications for internships and future career pursuits.

Circadence works with leading cybersecurity departments and growing institutions looking to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity professionals with hands-on experience.

Project Ares as Robust Cyber Curriculum

The Project Ares platform trains students at all stages of learning to use real-world tools and tactics within authentic scenarios. Instructors can utilize its features and constantly evolving content library to build a robust cyber curriculum that more effectively prepares students to enter the workforce.


  • Instructor portal. Project Ares provides administrators and instructors with a dashboard view for progress monitoring, performance assessment, and real-time training intervention. Trainers can also review a student’s activities asynchronously to view automated scoring, add comments, join student sessions or participate in a scenario.
  • Assessments, reporting and review. Project Ares offers review material, instructional videos, technical games, hands-on keyboard practice exercises and complete end-to-end problem-solving in authentic scenarios. The automatic, AI-powered umpire feature grades the student’s performance and eliminates the need for instructors to comb through logs to score homework or tests. Gameplay is recorded and saved for visibility into students’ activity history. These records serve institutions and teams with data on engagement and skills acquisition, and allow for mission playback for play-by-play instructor/student review. These features enhance learning for the student and allow instructors to focus less on assessments and more on training our next generation of cyber professionals.



Gamified learning. Our virtual gaming environment adapts to the experiential learning style of next generation students and supports customized, task-oriented training, skill-specific games, and mission scenarios for both individual and team-based exercises. This approach encourages the repetition necessary to develop lasting skill and knowledge retention, while keeping students excited and engaged.


AI-powered. Project Ares introduces artificial intelligence as a computerized advisor, umpire and opponent. The AI component provides on-demand help and instant feedback to students, freeing up the instructor’s time to facilitate gameplay, assist with real-time learning, and maximize classroom time. Combined with machine orchestration, the AI component converts real-life scenarios into fresh, challenging content ensuring students have limitless opportunities to hone their skills without frequent duplication.

offensive & defensive

Battle School. Students have the opportunity to prepare in the Project Ares Battle School, which enables asynchronous practice and review of cyber skills and knowledge. Key features include: cyber games for technical topics (i.e. Cylitaire, PortFlow), battle room for non-mission specific tactical practice, and a media center for videos, documents, and other key resources/websites in cybersecurity.


Reward-driven learning. Scenario-based missions and gameplay enable users to earn skill badges and certifications as expressions of their proficiency on singular cyber tasks and in large-scale, cooperative settings. These badges and certificates encourage progress and serve students long-term as notes of accomplishment to be highlighted on applications for internships, furthering their education, and pursuing their careers.

Proud to support the SoCal Cyber Cup, CyberBUFFS Hackathon, Paranoia Challenge, Alabama Dept. of Education’s Skills USA Challenge, and the Cybersecurity Symposium at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.



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