Next Generation Cybersecurity Training

Cyber threats are both ongoing and imminent. You need to be ready. Your cybersecurity team must be empowered to act with confidence and competence. You need to train as if you’re going to defend, in a realistic environment, and against challenging adversaries that utilize the latest threats and tactics.

Project Ares® provides cybersecurity teams with a real-time opportunity to practice skills and hone tactics via a next generation online gaming platform. The proprietary, patent-pending platform deploys realistic, mission-specific virtual environments with real-world tools, network activity and a large library of mission scenarios, available 24/7. Artificial intelligence combined with virtual machine orchestration enables the platform to convert rapidly real-time threat intelligence into new missions and keep training fresh, relevant and challenging. Unlike the traditional static, instructor-led training model, Project Ares takes cybersecurity training out of the classroom and into an immersive, interactive real-world environment.



Customized Solutions