Training & Assessments

Redesigning the Traditional Cyber Training Model

Project Ares® addresses the challenges of traditional cyber training models and is shifting the training paradigm.

  • Provides an immersive, realistic training environment
  • Utilizes AI-informed cyber-attack data
  • AI-based advisors, umpires, and opponents
  • Scalable platform available 24/7 without requiring human trainers
  • Delivers engaging and competitive training using game-based leaderboards and detailed mission scoring
  • Modular, flexible architecture to quickly and easily add new missions to address rapidly changing threats

AI-Driven Platform 

  • Real-Time Cyber Attack Data

    • Informed by an AI engine that continually evolves and perpetually learns how threats appear, develop and expose network systems
  • AI Umpires

    • AI-based monitoring and scoring
  • AI Advisor

    • In-context knowledge to trainees and trainers, powered by IBM Watson – which has been trained on a large corpus of deep security knowledge.
  • AI Opponents

    • Offensive and defensive AI opponents to increase the challenge factor


  • Realistic Training Environment

    • Ability to spawn a large number of cyber range nodes to replicate various scenarios.
  • Dynamic Role Assignments:

    • Trainees can engage in both offensive and defensive assignments.
  • Structured Training Environment:

    • Clearly defined mission objectives with tiered levels of difficulty and time constraints.
  • Trainer Oversight

    • Trainer view for progress monitoring, performance assessment, and real-time training intervention.
  • Targeted Training

    • A large library of mission scenarios with specific skill-based training that can accurately measure team/individual skills and performance.
  • Constantly Evolving

    • New missions can rapidly be added to address the latest threats and customer specific training requirements. Enables the latest threats to be quickly added to the game.
  • Individual/Team Analytics

    • Leaderboard assessment with insights into overall performance, as well as strengths and weaknesses assessments.