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Incidents & Innovations in Government Cyber Security Training

Transform Distance Learning through Creative and Practical Technology with Focus on Cybersecurity Education

A panel webinar with Microsoft and Circadence higher education experts. Join us to discuss the state of distance and blended learning and discover the technologies to support today’s educators teaching in the classroom or remotely to keep student engagement strong.

Teaching Cyber Security Remotely

A resource for Information Security, Computer Science, Cyber Educators who are adapting to distance learning and teaching of cyber courses.

Calhan High School Success Story

The I/O Psychology of Cyber Security: An RSA 2020 On-Demand Recording

Hear from Involta’s CISO Annalea Ilg and Spark Security Solution’s Keenan Skelly discuss how Industrial/Organizational psychology can help build better, more resilient cyber security teams. Presentation originally delivered live at RSA 2020 in San Francisco.

Leveraging Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Training for Improved Readiness

Bringing the Cyber Classroom to Life with Hands-on, Gamified Learning

E-book on how computer science and cyber professionals can enrich the teaching experience with immersive learning.

Vulnerabilities & Cyber Training Opportunities in Critical Infrastructure

Jack Voltaic 2.0 Uses Project Ares for Cyber Readiness Training

Milam Elementary Embraces Immersive Cyber Learning with Project Ares

Building an Immersive Cyber Curriculum with Project Ares

Reimagining Cyber Learning with Divergence Academy

Case Study with Divergence Academy, an education institution that is creating adaptive learning solutions.

Involta Improved Cyber Team Training with Project Ares

Bringing Healthcare Cyber Security Back to Life Using Gamification and Cyber Range Learning

Project Ares Play-by-Play: Protect Financial Institutions

Watch this on-demand webinar to see financial services cyber training activities available in the Project Ares platform.

The Future of Cyber Learning: Cloud-Based Training

As state and local governments shift operations to the cloud, it is more important than ever to stay on the front lines of cyber defense as cyber pros figure out how to secure cloud-based applications being used by employees. Speaker Wade Walters will discuss: Why government agencies are adopting cloud computing What security challenges governments […]

Kickstarting a Cyber Career

To celebrate National Cyber Security Career Awareness Month in November, we’re highlighting the many ways that aspiring cyber security professionals and career changers alike can enter the field with confidence and competency. To start, join us as we share tips and recommendations for learning cyber at every stage from basic comprehension to skills application. Speaker […]

Project Ares Demo with Brian Sheridan

October 22nd

Defining a Cyber Learning Journey for Your Company: A Product Overview from Circadence

October 7th

Strengthening Your Security Reputation E-Book

Using AI and Gamified Learning to Prep Your Cyber Team E-Book

Women in Cybersecurity

An infographic on how artificial intelligence and gamification enable cyber professional’s skill acquisition and competency development against today’s cyber threats.

Oil and Gas: Fueling Investments in Cyber Awareness & Training White Paper

Using Gamification and Cyber Range Learning to Bring the Healthcare Industry Back to Life White Paper

Protecting Utility and Electrical Infrastructure White Paper

Amplifying Transportation Cyber Security Readiness White Paper

How It’s Built – Project Ares

September 23rd

How gamification, AI, and Reinforcement Learning will Revolutionize Cyber Skill Aquisition

Increase Cyber Skills with Gamification Join Bradley Hayes, Circadence Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder Engineering and Applied Science, to learn how you can leverage AI to enhance the cyber competency and abilities. Where offensive, defensive and forensic security tools end, Bradley will share how human analysts can leverage AI agents to anticipate, mitigate, and […]

How AI and Gamification Change How We Build Cyber Skills

An infographic on how artificial intelligence and gamification enable cyber professional’s skill acquisition and competency development against today’s cyber threats.

Testimonials from Teachers and Students on Project Ares in the Classroom

Hear why and how teachers deployed Project Ares in the classroom to elevate cyber learning and teaching and what students thought of the experience.

How To Protect your Financial Services Company

Insider threats pose significant risk to your organization. Learn how persistent cyber training of professionals can help spot insider threats and reduce probabilities of a cyber-attack.

Do More with Less E-book

Cyber as a Sport: How to Build Skills Through Gamified Competition

Increase Cyber Skills with Competition

There’s only so much that can be learned from books or tutorials, and hands-on gamified learning can better prepare you and your team for real-world threats and on-the-job situations.

For these reasons, cyber competitions are taking the industry by storm.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyber pro, newbie, student, or career changer, learn how cyber competitions can take you to the next level!

What You’ll Learn

What cyber competitions are
Why they are important to a strong security posture
How they work and add value to new and seasoned cybersecurity professionals

Securing Our Critical Infrastructure

10 preventative measures for cybersecurity risks in our critical infrastructure industries.

Cyber Security in the Age of Digital Transformation

Is your company doing through a digital transformation? The age of digital transformation is prompting businesses to examine their increased threat surfaces and cyber risk. Circadence provides tips for how to ride the cyber security wave of digital transformation while keeping practices and preparedness efforts strong. From unifying security architecture to automating routine security tasks […]

Get Gamified! Why Learning Happens Better with Games with Keenan Skelly

Gamification is a new, more engaging way for cyber professionals to learn and build new skills to keep pace with evolving threats. Speaker Keenan Skelly, VP of Global Partnerships at Circadence, will discuss: What gamification is and what it is not How it is being applied to cyber training Why hands-on cyber range learning increases information retention […]

Critical Infrastructure Webinar with Laura Lee

What You’ll Learn How to build a strong cyber team for IT and OT    How critical infrastructure is impacted by evolving threats   Insight into live fire exercises to support cyber preparedness The critical infrastructure sector is not immune to cyberattacks. Between the evolving threat landscape and convergence of IT and OT infrastructure, companies need continuous learning […]

Top 10 Cyber Myths

The top cyber security myths CISOs and security professionals fall victim to. Empower yourself with persistent training and skill building instead.

Oil and gas cyber security

Gamification in Cyber Security

Make cyber learning fun again! Gamification is being applied to cybersecurity training for professional development purposes. Game mechanics can help security professionals improve information security techniques and diversify cyber thinking to better prevent and mitigate cyber threats. Gamified cyber exercises encourage healthy cyber hygiene behavior and improve security training retention rates. Rewards, badges, and leaderboards […]

Safe Holiday Shopping

Online shopping is the new norm in today’s world, replacing brick and mortar shops one transaction at a time. With this shift in online consumerism, cybercriminals are taking notice. To mitigate the risks that come from online shopping, there are a few things you can do to better protect yourself.

What is a Watering Hole?

Cyber criminals are clever and know how to evolve. They’ve proven this once again with their latest cyber-attack strategy, the Watering Hole Attack, which leverages cloud services to help gain access to even the most secure and sophisticated enterprises and government agencies. Recognizing a watering hole attack and how it works is valuable in managing […]

What is DevSecOps?

In today’s application development landscape, cyber attacks have become more frequent and sophisticated. Security architects are looking for new ways to ensure their products are safe and working properly for customers.

What is Phishing?

Most of us have probably heard about cyber adversaries using methods such as Phishing, Spear-Phishing, Whaling, Pharming, Drive by Downloads and Watering Holes creative ways to steal users credentials. These cleverly named attacks have been around for years but are still one of the most successful methods used to gain access to your network.

What is Cyber Risk?

Most simply, cyber risk means any risk of financial loss, disruption or damage to the reputation of an organization from some sort of failure of its information technology systems. Cyber risk attempts to measure, in dollars lost, the impact of events based on their probability and severity.

What is a Red Team?

A “Red Team” is a group of people trained in the art of hacking, but using their skills for “good” (also known as an ethical, or white hat hacker). This group challenges an organization to improve its effectiveness by assuming an adversarial role or point of view.

What is a Cyber Range?

Users generate a lot of traffic, and the systems which you depend on are expected to be available 24/7. You need to be on top of the latest threats to your organization and limit any potential down time for your infrastructure. Cyber ranges are virtual environments where cyber professionals can train and build cyber security […]

What is Social Engineering?

Have you ever received a suspicious email with a garbled subject line? Or ever held the door open for an unverified solicitor? These are just some everyday situations where social engineering and its tactics play a larger part in seeking out information otherwise not available to them.

What is the C.I.A. Triad?

The C.I.A. triad is a security model designed to balance the protection of your online information. It stands for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, but the way these terms are applied here might be a bit different than what you’re used to…

Do more with less e-book

How to do more with less. Leveraging existing cyber teams to strengthen cybersecurity environments.

Cyber Readiness Checklist

IS YOUR TEAM CYBER READY? A checklist for strengthening your cybersecurity environment

Gamification for cyber professional development fact sheet

To help organizations strengthen their overall security posture, gamification is emerging as an engaging, highly absorptive way for cybersecurity professionals to learn new skills.

Faces of Cyber Ranges for Academia White Paper

Tapping into Experiential Skill Building for Cybersecurity Teaching and Learning

Upskill Cyber Teams With Artificial Intelligence and Gamified Learning

How to Automate, Augment, and Better Prepare Cyber Professionals

Forming an Elite Transportation Cyber Team

Learn By Doing on Gamified Cyber Ranges

Practical Strategies for CISOs

The Benefits of Gamified Learning

Persistent Learning for Financial Services Cyber Teams

View descriptions of key financial services cyber security positions and learn 3 practical strategies for upskilling teams to effectively protect, defend, and respond to threats.

Cyber Tips to Avoid Holiday Hacks

5 Strategies to fill the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Financial services organizations face widening gaps in acquiring and developing strong cyber talent. Discover five ready-to-implement ways to maintain a cyber-ready team.

Learn the 3A’s for Enhanced Cyber Awareness

What is a Cyber Range, and why do you need one?

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Cybersecurity

How to collaborate with, assess, and develop cyber teams for success.  

Gamifying Cybersecurity for Team-based Training and Assessments

Learn how Project Ares supports next generation learning and cyber leadership.  

Protecting Democracy From Election Hacking

A 5-step implementation strategy to address global election integrity in the wake of digitalization.  

Building a Fierce Financial Workforce

Discover the value and benefit of continually upskilling cyber professionals and positive implications it can have on overall organizational readiness against imminent threats.