StrikeSet™ (coming soon) is a comprehensive pen testing ecosystem and collaborative tool that augments the capabilities of cyber operators using the latest technologies in machine intelligence and cyber autonomy.

Users manage engagement objectives using a unified dashboard, and collaborate with teams on exploit development and attack planning using enhanced chat features, event notifications, and file sharing.

Red Team capabilities allow users to uncover security gaps, exploit IT and OT infrastructure, and manage multiple engagements simultaneously. The proprietary software mimics Red Team tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and to the extent possible, automates routine activities such as event classification, report generation, and operator task management.


Pen Testing Challenges
StrikeSet Solution


  • Limited number of qualified Certified Penetration Testers (CPTs) available to conduct assessments

Always Available

  • Automation empowers one employee to perform the work of many, enabling anytime availability

High Costs

  • Prohibitive cost of hiring dedicated and skilled CPTs and outsourced, 3rd party pen test assessments

Better Investment

  • Automated approach allows for scaled back CPTs and/or 3rd party engagements

Varying Skills

  • Not all CPTs are created equal, while some 3rd parties only perform vulnerability analysis as opposed to thorough pen tests

Machine Learning Solution

  • Machine learning algorithms take a solution a user creates and builds similar, effective solutions for user to employ


  • Most tests conducted via downloaded tools or as one-off engagements focused on known threats & vulnerabilities

AI-Driven Knowledgebase

  • Links back to a centralized AI-driven knowledgebase, which informs and improves the solution for all users’ benefit


  • Many 3rd party engagements have to be scheduled well in advance and run sporadically throughout the year

24x7 Availability

  • SECaaS delivery model hosted in the cloud, access to the solution 24×7


  • Automationenables one person to do the job of many
  • Augmentationmachine learning algorithms take a solution a user creates and build a similar, effective solution for the user to employ
  • ROIdrives significant ROI by enabling even relative novices to operate like seasoned professionals 
  • Knowledgebasewhen implemented via SECaaS, links to and informs a central knowledgebase that in turn, makes all users more effective
  • Persistentavailable 24×7 when implemented via SECaaS


  • Automates routine activities (e.g. event classification, report generation, and operator task management) to help combat the projected shortage of millions of IT professionals
  • Machine learning creates solutions based on user creations while linking back to a centralized, AI-driven knowledgebase informing and improving the solution
  • Enables relative novices to operate like seasoned professionals since the tool is aiding in the work, driving cost savings

StrikeSet is not yet available, but you can contact us to learn more about how it can help solve your pen testing challenges and be alerted when it is released.